2.43 × 2.5m Fence Panel With Square Post

Wire Mesh Fence also called  3d curved mesh fence, 3D fence panel, welded wire fence, Galvanized wire fence, PVC fence, powder coated wire fence, fence panel, Garden Fence or safety fence.

Material: low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.

Characteristics: Woven and welded, anti-corrosion, durable, easy to withstand outdoor exposure,  corrosion-resisting, etc.

Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanized steel wire / Hot-dip galvanized steel wire+power coated / low carbon steel wire+PVC coated.

Welded wire mesh fence panel:

Panel height Panel Length Wire Diameter Mesh Size Folds No.
1.03m 2.0m 2.5m Gal+Spray Painted
3.85mm/4.0mm; 4.85mm/5.0mm

Gal+PVC Coated
3.0mm/4.0mm; 4.0mm/5.0mm
50 × 200mm
55 × 200mm
50 × 150mm
55 × 100mm  
1.23m 2
1.5m 3
1.53m 3
1.7m 3
1.73m 3
1.8m 4
1.93m 4
2.0m 4
2.03m 4
2.4m 4

Fence Panel Process: Wire Drawing → Wire Straightening & Wire Cutting → Welding → Folds/Curves Bending → Electric Galvanizing/Hotdipped Galvanizing → Parkerizing → PVC Coating /Spraying → Packing → Loading.

Wire mesh fence Applications:

  • Mainly used in highway and railway bridge on both sides of the protection zone.
  • Airports, ports, terminals security.
  • Municipal building in the park, lawn, zoo, pool lake, roads, and residential isolation.
  • Guest Houses, hotels, supermarkets and entertainment protective.

The package & loading:

  1. Fence panel: plastic film + wood / metal pallet.
  2. Fence post: every post pack with a plastic bag (the cap is covered well on the post)+metal pallet.
  3. Accessory: small plastic bag + carton box.

Wire Mesh Fence Processing:

1. Low carbon steel Q235 material
2. Hot dipped galvanized wire stocks
3. Panel welding processing
4. Panel bending
5. Powder coated fence panel

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