AU Temporary Fence

Qualified’s most popular wire mesh fence product is temporary fencing system. There is a wide range of temporary fence including:

  • Construction Fencing
  • Public Events
  • Temporary Pool Fencing
  • Toilet Hire
  • Event Flooring

Temporary fence systems: Temporary Fencing Panel, Plastic/Concrete Fence Feet, Clamps and Stays, which is very stable, versatile and cost effective.

Standards In Australia: A.S. 4687-2007 Temporary Fencing.

Temporary Fence Panel:

  • Common Specs:
    Panel size 2400mm(L) × 2100mm(H)
    Frame 32mm O.D.
    Infill mesh 4mm horizontal, 4mm vertical, 150mm × 60mm spacing
    Weight 22kgs
    Finish Hot Dipped Galvanized to Australian Standard – 42 Microns
  • Tech info:
    • Anti -climb mesh infill
    • 360°weld between the vertical & horizontal pipe
    • Horizontal pipe ends crimped for increased strength.
    • Above Industry Benchmark in thickness of galvanizing
    • 1.94 Meter Top Horizontal Pipe for extra security




Plastic/Concrete Fence Feet

  • Standard concrete fence feet:
    • Full range of colours available
    • Made of a Flexible & Durable co-polymer polypropylene
    • UV5 for sun/weather protection
    • Wide range of post hole sizes available – 20, 25, 32 & 40mm nb. (26, 33, 42 & 48mm od)
    • Post holes can run across or up and down the blocks
    • Designed to be filled with concrete.
  • Water Fence Feet:

Temporary Fence Steel Clamps Uses:

  • Secure the panels together.
  • Australian Standard: 42 Microns.
  • Thickness: 2-4mm for additional strength.



Temporary Fence Stays

  • Uses: support the temporary fence in high wind areas.
  • australian Standard: 42 Microns.
  • Each Stay: 3 Clamps and 3 Plastic Feet.
  • We Stocks kilometers of our Temporary Fencing System, so can supply you as required.

Price: FOB tianjin, China USD23.5-25/set (must be confirmed again before ordering)

Note: One set includes 1 Temporary fence panel +1 concrete fence feet + 1 steel clamps.

AU Temporary Fence Processing (AS 4687-2007 STANDARD):

 1. Material galvanized tube
 2. Material galvanzied wire
 3. Welding processing
 4. Hot dipped galvanized proceeding
 5. Temporary fence welding point


Temporary Fence Size Testing
Plastic base plate
Temporary fence loading

Gallery of AU Temporary Fence Application:

AU Temporary Fence Gallery